Won many well-known enterprisesTrust and recognition

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Houlihan lokey mechanical and electricalEngineering cases show

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Application involved financial、Communication、Energy、The traffic、Service、Many fieldsHoulihan lokey with domestic and international numerous well-known network equipment、Wiring products and security vendor set up
Close cooperative partnership


Houlihan lokey electromechanical three service advantages

Houlihan lokey mechanical and electricalSix service advantages

Service advantages

Rich experienceRich experience

For many years focused on electrical and mechanical decoration solution,Many model project。With power and sinopec、Such as vanke real estate enterprise cooperation。


Professional teamProfessional team

We provide professional mechanical and electrical design and construction team,Ensure engineering construction scheme design is reasonable,Quality assurance。



Professional design team,According to customer requirements,Reasonable solutions tailored to customers for free,Let you save worry save trouble。


Standardize the operationStandardize the operation

Project construction according to the process specification operation,To ensure engineering quality safety。


Professional qualityProfessional quality

All equipment and materials to brands,To ensure completion of the project quality is stable。


Worry-free serviceWorry-free service

24Hours service hotline always welcome,After the completion of the project,Don't follow up on a regular basis,Ensure the normal working of engineering。

Houlihan lokey mechanical and electricalElegant demeanour

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Houlihan lokey mechanical and electrical
Dongguan houlihan lokey electromechanical co., LTD

Is a focus on plant central air conditioning engineering、Dust-free purification engineering、Water and electricity installation works、Intelligent weak current engineering comprehensive services such as mechanical and electrical engineering company。Houlihan lokey people always belief"Designed to root,The quality for this,Innovative services",Efforts to create a design、The quality of brand enterprises。

The company has the advanced design concept designer、Professional all kinds of experienced engineers and technicians。This is the company will always adhere to the project in the process of construction technology。The design concept of health、The fine professional engineering、Strict construction,Perfect quality supervision、Considerate after-sales service,Houlihan lokey people build their own brands。

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Houlihan lokey mechanical and electricalService process

Professional customer service
Dynamic company
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